Frequently asked questions

What is the best age to photograph my baby?

- The best age to photograph your newborn baby is when they are under two weeks of age. During this time, your newborn will likely sleep most during the day, which will allow us to move her/him around without waking easily. When babies are that tiny, they spend a lot of time sleeping and still curl up into adorable poses similar to the positions they were in when they were in the womb.


When to book your newborn session?

- Please contact me during the middle of your second trimester to schedule your baby's session. I will then pencil you in and reserve your "tentative" photoshoot according to your due date. I only schedule a certain number of sessions per month, this way if your baby comes early or slightly overdue I will have a day for your session. Please call me within 48 hours of your delivery so we can confirm a specific date and time for your session. To reserve your date half of the session fee and a signed agreement is required, with the remaining balance due on your session.

- If your baby is already born, don't panic. I always try my best to squeeze newborns into my schedule. Plus older babies take beautiful portraits, too!


Where your session is held?

- STUDIO SESSION: At my studio. It’s at Paldi. ( I do not travel for shoots)

- Two people allowed at the studio [Usually you and your spouse. Friends and relatives are not allowed]


NEWBORN Session time:

- 11:30 in the morning (I highly recommend sessions with babies take place in the morning hours (11:30) Newborns tend to be happiest (and sleepiest) in the morning hours. It is my experience that babies just do better in the morning than they do later in the day.  They tend to wear out more quickly and become upset more easily and that limits our workable time together.

-Please note it’s important that you arrive on time for your session so that we can do the photoshoot hassle-free.


How do you pose my baby and what safety precautions do you use?

-When it comes to photographing your sweet precious newborn, I will only photograph your baby in the safest ways possible. Not all newborns can pose in all positions.

-The utmost care will be given to placing your baby in natural positions that mimic the way your little one may have laid in the womb.

- Every baby is different; some babies love to be on their back, while some prefer to be on their tummy. There are some that like to be swaddled and there are some that like to stretch their limbs. Some babies sleep through the entire session and some babies are wide-awake. If the baby doesn’t like to be in a certain pose or feeling fussy or uncomfortable with a position, they will let me know, and I will move on. I follow baby’s lead.

- Parent participation will be requested for shots that require head and neck support as well as using mom or dad as a spotter.


What should I bring to my session?

- You do not have to bring anything with you. I have all the necessary things which suit my style of photography.  


What do you mean by a setup/theme?

-Setup or theme is the ambiance that is created for the frame to be photographed. It includes the background, floor, concept, and lighting methods.


Setups & Props?

- I will send you a questionnaire to get an idea about your choice. 

- I like to use the props that I own and that goes with my style of photography. As much as all photographers like to stick to their own style.



-Sorry, it won’t be possible to meet. I have mentioned all the details in this Pricelist PDF and all my work are uploaded on my website and Instagram profile.

My newborn baby has jaundice/dry skin. Should I wait until it’s gone or can we still come in for a newborn photo session?

- Most of the babies that I photograph have jaundice and/or other skin imperfections. Dry skin is also common among newborn babies. I would fix most of these skin issues while I am editing your final images. So you don’t have to wait for jaundice or other skin issues to be gone.


Rescheduling the session:

- There is no extra charge for moving a session if you have given at least 24 hours’ notice. However, if it is under 24 hours, or you have to cancel at the last minute, a 3000/- reschedule fee will apply to secure the next booking


When will you deliver the photos?

- 15 days from the date of your selection to process your photos.

- Delay in selection will cause a delay in the delivery of final data.

- I’ll inform you once everything ready for collection.  


- A deposit of 50% and a signed copy of the agreement are required to reserve a session date.

- The remaining balance of the session fee is due on the day of the session.

- Advance payment is non-refundable.