Infant Photography (6-12 months)

Frequently asked questions

Where your session is held?

- STUDIO SESSION: At my studio. It’s at Paldi.

-Two people allowed at the studio [Usually you and your spouse. Friends and relatives are not allowed]


Session time:

- 12:30 am or 4:30 pm for a studio session

- 4:30 pm for an outdoor session.

- Please note it’s important that you arrive on time for your session so that we can do the photoshoot hassle-free.


Anything else I should know about scheduling?

- Yes! Please keep in mind your child’s nap schedule and vaccinations. My goal is to photograph a happy baby! Although they are always unpredictable in how they will act once here, I like to get as many factors on our side as possible. So please do not schedule your photos for at least a few days after they get a vaccine to ensure they aren’t fussy or sore from it. Also, please let me know when the baby typically naps so I can do my best to schedule a time when they are fresh and not ready to go to sleep. Also, feed your baby before coming so they are not hungry.


What do you mean by a setup/theme?

- Setup or theme is the ambiance that is created for the frame to be photographed. It includes the background, floor, concept, and lighting methods.


Setups & Props?

- I will send you a questionnaire to get an idea about your choice. 

- I like to use the props that I own and that goes with my style of photography. As much as all photographers like to stick to their own style.


What should I bring to my session?    

- You do not have to bring anything with you. I have all the necessary things which suit my style of photography.  


- Sorry, it won’t be possible to meet. I have mentioned all the details in this Pricelist PDF and all my work are uploaded on my website and Instagram profile.

- If you have any queries regarding packages or terms & conditions you can email me.


Editing Details:-    

- Standard retouching, Exposure correction, Colour Correction, and  Cropping is included in the session fee. Not included is complex retouching: hair color changes or adjustments, extreme scarring, laugh lines, nail color/filing, and body-shaping photo manipulations or background replacements.


Rescheduling the session:

- There is no extra charge for moving a session if you have given at least 24 hours’ notice. However, if it is under 24 hours, or you have to cancel at the last minute, a 3000/- reschedule fee will apply to secure the next booking. 


When will you deliver the photos?

- It will take about 15 days from the date of your selection to process your photos.

- Print will take 6-15 days.

- I’ll inform you once everything ready for collection.  



- A deposit of 50% and a signed copy of the agreement are required to reserve a session date.

- The remaining balance of the session fee is due on the day of the session.

- Advance payment is non-refundable.